Why do Bodybuilders Use Niacin?

Niacin Benefits

The quest for greatness has meant that we are always on the move for more. Greatness is something that does look hard to achieve but is based a lot on personal goals and objectives. We emphasize on goals as a very important part of the human routine as a person without any goals has no purpose in life. Thus, it is important to note that goals and hard work walk in hand; one needs the other to form a killer duo.

If you have a goal and you plan to do the hard work to achieve it, then nothing can stop you. This can be said about body builders as well, they are perhaps the most dedicated and hard working people amongst us all. The aim in life for them is to achieve a perfect figure that achieves recognition for them and their hard work.

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The competition has drastically increased as body builders throng national and international events vying for top position. This has meant that body builders are always on the look for more. In this look for more, the body builders go towards different supplements that naturally aid the muscle growth and reduce body fat, ultimately making their body a very attractive figure. These supplements are easily available but their validity is not often proven and the builders often get themselves banned.

One nutrient which comes in different bottles and shapes and is considered completely safe and natural is Niacin. Niacin or Vitamin B3 has multiple uses like controlling excessive weight and acting as a safe guard against cardiovascular diseases. Another very important use of Niacin is that it comes in very handy for body builders when it comes to them developing the perfect figure. Basically there are a plethora of reasons behind the attraction of body builder towards Niacin. A few reasons which influence the decision are:

  • No threat of being banned:

The body building industry has been affected by many allegations of builders using artificial ingredients and creams to make the muscles look bigger and stronger for a temporary period. These artificial supplements often get the body builders in grave danger, resulting in a permanent ban at times. To avoid the risk of such a ban, body builders use Niacin which provides similar results in a very natural way without the risk of using any artificial supplements.

Niacin benefits

  • They lower cholesterol:

Body fat is something that body builders want to be as low as possible. This is because of increased competition where you get daily competitors with an even leaner and muscular figure. The current body building industry has seen a new meaning given to the term “slim and smart”. The quest to lower the fat percentage within the body or the presence of unwanted cholesterol leads the body builders towards Niacin. Niacin has been tested and tried to decrease the amount of bad cholesterol present in the body. Capsiplex

  • More physical and muscle growth: 

The most basic thing required for a body builder is to have a very lissome set of muscles, attracting the judges towards the beauty. Without naturally strong and attractive muscles it is very hard to make a mark in competitions. Body builders are prone to using Niacin as it naturally stimulates the growth hormone present in the humans which is also known as GH. The growth hormone is something which is of equal importance for everyone be it a body builder, an athlete or a school teacher as it influences the growth of the organs within the body. One reason why Body builders are attracted towards more Growth hormone is the fact that it massively boosts the generation of cells in muscles. This increase in the generation of cells often leads to bigger and better muscles which are nothing but a dream come true for a bodybuilder.

  • Niacin releases energy for the body:

The most basic and comprehensive function of Niacin is to release energy within the body. This energy is used for a lot of basic functions. Considering body builders are addicted to weight lifting, they need more energy as compared to a normal person. Weight lifting is done by body builders to increase the size of the muscles and to give them an edge in competitions. This energy provided by Niacin makes them more prepared for a strenuous time at the gym. Niacin in all forms and packages provides a basic release of energy within the body but Niacin Max is believed to be a much desired supplement for body builders as all attributes associated with Niacin are fulfilled in a very natural way in this product.


In conclusion it is best to write that body builders are in no way mistaken when they choose Niacin as a supplement for their tough routine. Niacin is a perfect solution and provides them with all they expect.


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